Smart Tools for Smarter Shipping.

At Data2Logistics, we do everything we can to help clients ship smarter, so we’re providing useful online tools and links for tracking shipments, checking fuel rates, keeping up with industry news, and more.

Logistics Tool Kit

Data2ConnectSM is our secure portal for interacting with both our Clients and their Carriers.  In addition to providing access to Data2Resolve and Data2Inform, this portal also provides a number convenient tools for both Clients and Carriers, including:

  • Client Invoice Repair
  • Client Rules Viewer
  • Management of Client Rates and Contracts
  • Freight Bill Inquiry
  • Carrier Invoice Repair
  • Carrier Claims Management
  • Carrier Invoice Upload



Work smarter and save time with Data2Resolvesm, a secure, web-based tool to electronically review, approve, reject, allocate or modify exception invoices. Its multi-layered logic pushes out only the activity that you truly need to review and efficiently routes the exception to the person that is responsible for resolving it. Data2Resolvesm also makes it easy to work the activity the way it makes sense for your business. And instead of typing the full code out when allocating charges, we let clients type in a short code. Data2Resolvesm even lets you type in comments when rejecting an invoice that will be passed on to the carrier in a weekly export. This saves you time, because it means that neither the carrier or Data2Logistics will need to come back for an explanation.


SM is a single source solution serving shippers who use any mode of transportation on a domestic and global basis. This tool allows users to report on virtually any data element for any market their company serves.  Learn More.


Our simple, but effective Data2RouteSM tool enables clients to develop a complete routing guide for outbound finished goods and inbound raw material purchases and returns.  We setup and maintain this tool for you. Once a routing program has been established, we’ll monitor your shipments to test for compliance and provide surveillance information. Our Misroute Detail Report not only identifies the shipments misrouted, it also identifies the cost of non-compliance—enabling you to easily charge back vendors who are not following routing instructions, as well as your locations not using appropriate or preferred carriers.