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Fuel Schedules

Fuel Schedules / Fuel Surcharge Index

With unpredictable and widely varying diesel fuel prices in the global markets we serve, carriers are having to significantly adjust their fuel schedules and the resulting fuel surcharge index that are the basis for charges to shippers. Facing pressure from upper management due to an uneven world economy, shippers are looking for help to improve freight cost controls.  

Most companies are facing the transportation marketplace with limited visibility – their sense of the fuel schedules (fuel surcharge index) and transportation costs is limited to the bids that they receive. It is difficult for these customers to compare total transportation costs (including fuel schedules) on an ‘apples to apples’ basis. A fine balance needs to be achieved between fuel surcharges that will allow carriers to make enough money to want to move the freight, but not increase costs beyond levels that represent a reasonable charge for services. 

Data2Logistics recognizes the increasing importance a fuel surcharge index plays in your total cost of transportation. Our experienced transportation professionals help our customers deploy best in class procurement practices. We work with you to establish customized fuel schedules for your transportation contracts across all modes. Our support allows you to control costs and adapt to changing business needs. 

To learn more about how we can assist you in this area contact our professional services at 1-609-577-3756.


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