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December 2018 The Other Shoe Has Finally Dropped

November 2018 The Grinch

October 2018 Election 2018

September 2018 It's As Sure As Death And Taxes

August 2018 Collaborate

July 2018 Last Mile Disruption

June 2018 The Story Is Not Over

May 2018 Where Will They Stop

April 2018 Tipping Point

March 2018 Payment Terms Pendulum Swings Again

February 2018 Do You Remember August 4 1997

January 2018 Round Up The Usual Suspects

December 2017 ELDs Are Here To Stay

November 2017 Bah Humbug

October 2017 Sticker Shock

September 2017 Going Up

August 2017 The New Minimum

July 2017 Disruption In The Supply Chain

June 2017 Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop

May 2017 Autonomous Disruption

April 2017 The Cost of Margin Erosion

March 2017 Transportation Accounting 1.0

Fenruary 2017 Welcome To The New Workd Order

January 2017 Disruptive Forces

December 2016 It's The Most Beautiful Time Of The Year

November 2016 The New President's Agenda

October 2016 The Real Financial Impact

September 2016 Speak Up

August 2016 Speed Kills

Be Our Guest In Dallas At Parcel Forum 2016

July 2016 Not All Hours Of Service Are Alike

June 2016 As The World Turns

May 2016 Politics Would Be Funny If It Wasn't So Serious

April 2016 The Ultimate Customer Experience

March 2016 As The World Shrinks You Need A Single Global Database

February 2016 No Intimidation Allowed Here

January 2016 The End Of A Duopoly In Sight

December 2015 Happy Holidays 2015 Surprises

November 2015 Where Is Truck Demand

October 2015 Because They Can

September 2015 A Penny Here - A Dime There - Turns Into Real Cost Increases

August 2015 Kick The Can

July 2015 Untapped Resources

June 2015 Who Will Pay For New Truck Emission Requirements

May 2015 Five Days To Notify

April 2015 If We Can Get Past Electronic Logging Devices

March 2015 The Power Of A Sixth Axle

February 2015 Drama On The High Seas

January 2015 Falling Oil Prices - How It Impacts You

December 2014 HOS Take Two

November 2014 Driver Pay Moving Up

October 2014 Taking a DIM view

September 2014 Onward and Upward

August 2014 On the Global Waterfront

July 2014 What's Big Data All About?

June 2014 Tic Toc The Hands Keep Moving on the HOS Clock

May 2014 What are the Dimensions?

April 2014 Where Have All The Trucks Gone?

March 2014 It's Baseball Season

February 2014 What Can We Expect in 2014?

January 2014 Impact of GRI

December 2013 10 Steps For Being a Good Partner

August 2013  Washington Matters

July 2013 HOS - It's Official

June 2013 Are You GRI Ready?

May 2013 Do You Need a Control Tower?

April 2013 The Cost of Labor Peace

March 2013 The Economics Look Good-What Does That Mean?

February 2013 Time is Of the Essence

January 2013 Time is Money