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As a recognized industry leader around the globe, our success has come from offering a wide range of solutions and services that help clients meet the challenges of an ever changing supply chain environment. Our suite of services can enhance transportation operations, help improve controls, and ultimately meet cost reduction and improved oversight goals. In fact, our average recovery rate is 5% - 15%.

RFP Management

Our Team can help you get the most out of an RfP process

Our philosophy of approaching RFPs is that we believe in fair tendering, giving all participants equal opportunity to submit their quotes based on providing timely, quality data. It allows for unbiased comparison analysis, yielding optimum results.

The RFP is an investment in improving your logistics, resulting in savings and improved services. We have the expertise and practical experience to assist you in getting the most out of an RFP process. When sending out an RFP you want to ensure you get the responses you require: the best services from capable suppliers against competitive rates.

Over the years, many clients have come to us to ask for assistance in managing their RFP processes. Most companies face the same challenges when executing an RFP, particularly:

  • Highly time consuming exercise
  • Insufficient RFP management expertise or time availability
  • Difficulty in standardizing bid sheets
  • Difficulty in creating detailed and clear shipment profiles
  • Inability to analyze the responses in an comparable manner
  • Difficulty in coming to a conclusion and recommendation based on received responses

Creating and managing your own RFP process is an ad hoc event, where lack of practical experience leads to inventing the process on the fly. For us, RFP management is a routine process, with best practices built into the process.

We have created a solid RFP management process which is supported by an extensive library of global bid sheet templates for all modes of transport and a proprietary analysis tool. Outsourcing the RFP management process to us will result in better overall savings opportunities for you.