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As a recognized industry leader around the globe, our success has come from offering a wide range of solutions and services that help clients meet the challenges of an ever changing supply chain environment. Our suite of services can enhance transportation operations, help improve controls, and ultimately meet cost reduction and improved oversight goals. In fact, our average recovery rate is 5% - 15%.

Information Management

Information Management that maximizes your shipping efficiency.

Our advanced technology is built on years of experience and feedback from our clients. Using it, we can help maximize your future shipping efficiency by:

  • Creating customized, ad-hoc and standard reports for analysis
  • Providing timely access to actionable information
  • Reporting details of all accessorial and premium freight charges
  • Highlighting opportunities for service type and mode shifts
  • Identifying cost associated with dimensional charges and all other accessorial charges
  • Utilizing best practices industry benchmarks for comparative analysis
  • Identifying and capitalizing on process improvement opportunities

Built on IBM's time-tested Cognos analytics platform, Data2InformSM is a knowledge management tool that provides global actionable information, not just data. Data2InformSM helps companies identify opportunities to ship smarter and save, drive better decisions, achieve positive results, and provide a deeper understanding of trends, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats. It’s never been easier to gain a global logistics perspective of what is really driving costs within your company – over any time period and across all business units. Shippers are provided with an operational and financial view of their functional flow, so they can simplify and save.

Data2InformSM is a single source solution serving shippers who use any mode of transportation on a domestic and global basis. This tool allows users to report on virtually any data element for any market their company serves. You can create a report based on a radius from a ship point or identify opportunities for service or modal shifts. Reports provide insightful information about carrier usage by lane, volume, average cost per pound/kg and service type. The Data2InformSM Carrier Report Card provides a summary of performance based on the number and cost of billing errors in proportion to the carrier's overall shipping costs. This tool also alerts you to variances from trends in costs, volumes and accessorial charges, based on a database that includes Paid Bills, Work in Process transactions and Bills Aging to Terms.

Access to timely, actionable information empowers you to make the best shipping decisions based on carrier options, along with associated rates and fees, providing significant cost savings. Data2InformSM functionality includes the ability to:

  • Create informative, decision-driving charts and graphs
  • Accommodate multiple, concurrent users
  • Schedule ad-hoc reports to run on a predetermined frequency
  • Filter reports on any data element
  • Establish grouping levels
  • Drill down on data elements
  • Perform all mathematical functions, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages, and summation, resulting in the creation of new fields
  • Report in multiple languages
  • Standardize currencies for global shipping

For more details, check out our podcast, or contact Harold Friedman by email or by phone at 609.577.3756.

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