We Make it easy to Ship Smarter and Save.

As a recognized industry leader around the globe, our success has come from offering a wide range of solutions and services that help clients meet the challenges of an ever changing supply chain environment. Our suite of services can enhance transportation operations, help improve controls, and ultimately meet cost reduction and improved oversight goals. In fact, our average recovery rate is 5% - 15%.


Rail Services that keep revenue on track and contain costs.

When rail fleet operators compare us with other global competitors, the real difference is our approach to the development of our rail services. We act as your consultant. Our experienced staff listens to your problems, studies current hot issues facing rail shippers, then uses best practice experience to design solutions specifically for rail shippers. Recognizing that auditing rail invoices have unique requirements, we tailor our process to ensure payments are made on time. Auditing of these invoices always receives the special handling needed to produce accurate payment. 

Our highly specialized solutions include: Rail Car Mileage/Kilometer Revenue Management 

  • Mileage/kilometer audit and recovery of under allowed revenue 
  • Liability risk management for excess empty mileage/kilometer and carrier overpayment 
  • Complete rail car property tax management service 
  • Mileage revenue analysis and consulting to support zero or mileage/kilometer contract negotiations. 

Rail Freight Overcharge Recovery 

  • Professional rail analysts perform this highly specialized audit 
  • Hard copy and paperless e-Audits for EDI, Auto Invoicing and SAP/ERP Systems 
  • Aged claim reporting by carrier. 

Consignee Detention, Documentation and Invoicing 

  • Recover asset costs, reduce dwell time and increase fleet utilization 
  • Verify purchase terms and detention policy 
  • Audit and document car placement and car release 
  • Calculate chargeable days and invoice consignee or send notice to expedite the release of held cars

Rail Freight Cost Containment Services 

  • Tariff research and rail rate quotations, access to large tariff library 
  • Maintain rate and routing guides, monitor agreements for effective dates and expiration, verify payments to carriers 
  • Mileage/kilometer revenue analysis by OD pair and rate analysis to support carrier contract negotiations 
  • Bid preparation, contract negotiations and contract publication, rail rate quotation.
  • Carrier rate negotiation support 

For more details, check out our podcast, or contact Harold Friedman by email or by phone at 609.577.3756.