We Make it easy to Ship Smarter and Save.

As a recognized industry leader around the globe, our success has come from offering a wide range of solutions and services that help clients meet the challenges of an ever changing supply chain environment. Our suite of services can enhance transportation operations, help improve controls, and ultimately meet cost reduction and improved oversight goals. In fact, our average recovery rate is 5% - 15%.


Parcel Audit Services that deliver smarter savings solutions.

The parcel process becomes more complex each year as carriers continue to add accessorial charges and complexity to their contracts as a source of additional revenue.  

To remedy this, Data2Logistics provides a comprehensive approach to the development of parcel savings solutions by:

  • Auditing every bill at package level detail
  • Checking for previous payment
  • Comparing rates, and accessorial charges to your contract such as fuel surcharge, residential surcharge, address correction charges, delivery area surcharges, and more
  • Validating for authorized account numbers 
  • Identifying and recovering guaranteed service refunds and money back guarantees
  • Identifying shipments that are manifested and billed, but never shipped
  • Supporting our clients with loss and damage claims 
  • Preparing and analyzing bids and supporting the negotiation of contracts

Clients value the business intelligence we provide through standardization of service types and accessorial charges, access to ad hoc and standard reporting, as well as the creation of custom dashboards and alerts. All this information is conveniently available from a single source as part of our global control tower environment.

For more details on our parcel audit services, check out our podcast, or contact Harold Friedman by email or by phone at 609.577.3756.