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Case Studies

Staying Ship-Shape Thanks to Data2Logistics

As the creator of much of the world's most used exercise equipment, this company relies on Data2Logistics to carry the heavy weight of providing improved information and keeping its logistics ship-shape. With nearly 2000 employees, plus warehouse locations around the globe, this company has healthy credentials as well: its certifications for quality includes ISO 9001, meeting the international standard of quality for manufacturers every year since 1994. The company is vertically integrated; in addition to manufacturing, it performs all research and development, industrial design, and marketing for its products. As one of the first U.S. fitness companies to venture into the international arena, they have  R&D, manufacturing, distribution, and sales facilities throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, and China.

Data2Logistics has supported this company’s freight logistics since 2002. Data2Logistics was tasked with providing actionable information that would allow them to reduce their supply chain costs. In addition, Data2Logistics integrated shipping options, provided data mining tools for route optimization, and freight invoice processing accuracy. Collectively, these services have saved 16% of global annual transportation spend, and have fostered a smoother process flow throughout the organization.

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Just what the doctor ordered: big savings.

(A Pre-Audit Case Study)

A large international medical manufacturing company shipping critical devices to hospitals, clinics, and subsidiaries was concerned about billing errors hidden within hundreds of thousands of express and overnight shipments. Data2Logistics was retained to audit their express billing at the individual shipment level before any of their invoices were paid. In addition to finding real-time billing errors related to rates, duplicate invoices, and accessorial charges, Data2Logistics also provided the client with the ability to track and recover refunds on service delivery guarantees for time-sensitive shipments.

In less than one year, Data2Logistics recovered over $500,000 in express freight charges for this client. This company was so pleased with Data2Logistics’ customer service, technical support, and audit results that they expanded the service to include carriers for all modes of transportation.

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Try this on for size: XXL savings.

(A Coding and Charge-Back Case Study)

A large clothing retailer, with sales of more than $13 billion, was facing the challenges posed by rapid growth in a complex retail environment. Their operation required coordination and tracking of over 400,000 incoming and outgoing merchandise shipments every month. They had little access to freight payable information and no real-time reporting capability. Visibility into this critical area of their supply chain was limited. There were also problems coding freight cost information by two full time employees. This resulted in numerous late payments.

Data2Logistics worked closely with this client to customize a solution compatible with their ERP system. Data2Logistics did an EDI test using actual shipping history to prove that we could auto-code shipments down to the specific commodity and general ledger code level. Once implemented, Data2InformSM allowed the client’s internal users 24/7 access to detailed standard and ad-hoc reports with actionable shipping information via the Internet. 

As a result, this client was able to reassign the two full time employees that had been required to code shipments; one has been assigned to another department, the other is now overseeing value added analysis and reporting internally. Data2InformSM reports and web-based querying tools have also given this retailer the ability to carefully analyze and improve their business processes. They successfully used this information to renegotiate contracts with Federal Express and UPS and reduce their rates with each carrier. Within one year, the estimated cost savings from Data2Logistics services exceeded $1.7 million due to audit recovery, process improvements, and labor savings.

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Another reason to be bullish on the value of Data2Logistics.

(A Coding and Charge-Back Case Study)

This client is an international provider of financial services and investment resources that helps individuals and institutions meet their financial objectives.  Due to complexities in general ledger accounting processes and outdated technology, the client was expending significant time and money manually processing small parcel freight invoices. As a result of these inherent inefficiencies, the client was incurring additional costs related to past-due bills and their resolution with the carriers.

Data2Logistics was brought in to automate the bill payment process and to develop and implement a customized general ledger cost center coding system that would reduce the number of errors, past due invoices, and resources dedicated to the antiquated process. The client ultimately dismantled their existing technology and transitioned to a newly designed Data2Logistics invoice processing and cost allocation system. By choosing Data2Logistics to provide services, the client realized a significant reduction in the time and money spent manually processing and coding freight invoices. Data2Logistics was able to eliminate painful past-due issues and dramatically improve the client’s relationships with their small parcel carriers. All of these cost reductions from process improvements were supplemented by the hard dollar audit savings which amounted to 2.75% of their annual parcel spend.

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See how to plug in to high tech savings.

(A Reporting and Information Management Case Study)

One Data2Logistics clients is a $6 billion worldwide provider of relational technology solutions to customers in a variety of industries and markets. In addition to the cost savings that we had delivered through audit recoveries and automation of the freight billing process, the client was able to realize a significant reduction in freight costs by utilizing our powerful web-based Data2InformSM data analysis tool.

The client was unnecessarily shipping many products in packaging that was oversized and very light in weight. Using Data2InformSM the client was able to identify the shipments that were being sent in lightweight oversized packages and quantify the extra freight charges for dimensional weight related to that packaging. Armed with this information, the client redesigned the packaging and was able to achieve a substantial reduction in the charge for each re-packaged shipment.

Data2Logistics’ data analysis tool provided the client with the critical information they needed to implement a process improvement that resulted in annual cost savings of well over $400,000. Total annual reduction in freight cost from audit recovery, labor savings, as well as from process improvements, was approximately $1.5 million.

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A great non-fiction story: freight cost savings.

(A Reporting and Information Management Case Study)

This client is a global leader in the field of general interest publishing, dedicated to providing the best in fiction and nonfiction books for consumers of all ages, across all printed and multi-media formats. The client was shipping multiple, individual packages from a common origin to the common destination. The client had been taking advantage of our pre-audit and payment services and had succeeded in reducing freight costs through audit recoveries and automation of the freight billing process.

With the information made available by utilizing our Data2InformSM intelligence tool the client was able to identify an opportunity to consolidate packages and ship in bulk, thereby reducing the number of shipments being generated and sent to customers. By consolidating individual shipments with common origins and destinations, and instead shipping in bulk, the client realized a reduction in freight costs of over $350,000 per year.

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