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Business Value

Data2Logistics audits freight transactions to identify billing errors and reduce expenses for all modes of domestic and global transportation. However, the primary benefit our customers receive is the information we provide. We support our customers’ success with the industry’s best Web-based tools, providing actionable information from our transportation database. 

With Data2Logistics, you:

  • Save money – Hard dollar savings are generally between two and five percent of total shipping costs to the company – reflecting a savings of approximately $1.57 per bill. 
  • Have more time – Your involvement is reduced by as much as 97%. Carrier relationships are improved through establishment of EDI billing, timely invoice payment and swift resolution of carrier billing issues through our first pass yield efforts. 
  • Gain data visibility – We provide clients with the knowledge to reduce operating expenses and make better decisions. Data2InformSM provides insightful information for process improvement analyses that help to reduce total transportation costs. We provide actionable information, not just data, for your business locations around the world.
  • Minimize capital expenditure – Eliminate the cost of building a rate database and infrastructure to support reporting and EDI, which can total $50,000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars. 
  • Receive a complete solution – Let us draw on our decades of best practice solutions to help you meet your supply chain and business challenges.

Why outsource to Data2Logistics:

  • To lower your freight invoice processing costs – We use our scalability and technology to keep the cost of auditing and paying freight invoices low. Our costs are several times less than a shipper's fully allocated in-house freight invoice processing and payment costs and are generally pennies per shipment transaction.
  • To improve overcharge prevention/recovery savings – Parcel carriers target an on time performance of 98%. That means that on average 2% of all shipments are not delivered on time and the cost of the shipment can be recovered. In addition there are invoice overcharges caused by mis-application of rates, duplicates, and invoices that are not your liability to pay. We recover these overcharges on your behalf.
  • To benefit from our five decades of best practice experience – Data2Logistics is recognized as the subject matter expert in freight invoice processing. Our team of seasoned professionals provides customers with reliable best practice support in the development of a freight invoice processing program that will meet your needs and allow you to respond to the ever changing challenges of the transportation marketplace.
  • To Improve shipper’s transportation reporting and analysis capabilities – In their ongoing challenge to find lower cost shipping alternatives, shippers need detailed transportation information. Shippers also need detailed cost information to properly assign their freight expense by department. Data2Logistics provides actionable information and web access to your transportation database.
  • To support your carrier negotiations – Data2Logistics provides transportation cost benchmarking, complete carrier bid analysis and negotiation support. We understand the transportation marketplace and can identify opportunities for transportation expense reduction. 
  • To improve the accuracy of your data – Data2Logistics has sophisticated automated coding and on-line editing capabilities that provide account coding and validation accuracy. 
  • To pay your carriers on time – Data2Logistics consistently pays freight invoices in a timely manner, based on the terms that you assign to each carrier and makes payments to carriers 48 hours after receipt and confirmation of ‘good funds’.  
  • To process freight invoices in an EDI environment – The industry is steadily moving toward "paperless freight invoices". In this environment, freight invoices are sent electronically via EDI rather than in hard copy format. There is a substantial savings in EDI-vs.-hard copy freight invoice processing costs, but the technology and carrier interface requirements are also substantial. Data2Logistics is a leader in EDI processing.  Virtually all of our small package carrier invoices and over 97% of all invoices processed by Data2Logistics are EDI invoices, and the percentage is steadily increasing.
  • To receive excellent customer service and support to resolve processing problems quickly and efficiently – We handle all carrier inquiries and provide the support needed to maintain good carrier relations.
  • To have the assurance of financial stability and safety in funding for payment to your carriers – Our clients’ freight payment funds are never co-mingled with our own operating cash and are protected by a $50 million employee dishonesty bond. We are audited by Ernst & Young on an annual basis and we also have a SSAE 18 and an ISAE 3402 review performed each year to ensure we are Sarbanes compliant and maintain adequate internal controls. We are also EU-US and Swiss-US Privacy Shield compliant to ensure our client’s data remains safe.